Automated Solution

1.5 Million Transactions

High-Speed verification through automation

Low Leakage Risk

Millions Saved

We detect errors worth millions every year

Verified Solution

20 Billion Analyzed/Year

We show numbers to prove client trust

Less Operational Effort

80% Less Effort

Decrease workload
and save more

Enterprises could be losing up to 1% of their payments without knowing

We built a unique AI powered platform to help you catch those errors


Our solution combines our operational expertise of more than 20 years in payable processes with the power of artificial intelligence.

Even enterprises with skilled finance professionals make mistakes due to high volume and computing errors. This mean companies processing 100 millions a year could lose up to 1 million.

Most common errors are duplicate payments, over-payments and under deductions, especially for companies with large number of transactions. They can not be entirely eliminated by typical controls.


We have developed and incorporated a unique and already trained neural network algorithm in a solution that is easy to use, completely customizable on client needs & volume, complemented by preventive features to help enterprises worldwide better manage their profit loss and protect against fraud. Artificial intelligence is disrupting diverse industries, but enterprises are projected to benefit the most out of incorporating these systems in the next couple of years according to industry analysts.


A solution vetted by enterprise cyber security experts. Due to the increased number of various attack vectors, we supplemented security layers with more complex and more punctual solutions, developed alongside the core of the platform, making sure your information is never at risk. Driven by process improvement, incorporating the unique PAID technology and used on a continuous, preventive basis will allow better control expenditure, fraud defense and increase profitability for your enterprise.


1 - Data integration and consolidation – We are consolidating the customer’s data both quantitative and qualitative. Our solution can process different types of files with the possibility to customize the structure.

2 - Business context integration – We offer the possibility to add new criterias or to create new modules based on the business needs of our clients.

3 -Machine learning algorithm – Our ML engine processes the data and provides outcomes with a significant higher accuracy..

4 - Review of result –The visualisation of the outcome is customised to ensure maximum efficiency of the analysys.

5 - Reporting –We propose to our customers a set of KPI’s for visualising the added value of using our solution, also we give them insights on their own process.

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