Automated software will always be quicker than the human eye, however, our overpayment protection software uses Artificial Intelligence which creates unique patterns in accordance with the company’s specifics.

Our secure, web-based solution incorporated with a Unique already trained AI engine will capture duplicate payments in situations where a regular ERP system will not.


One of the most unpleasant consequences of duplicate transactions is financial losses which, in some cases, will require a lot of attention and time to recover at least a part of the amount of money lost. With our AI-based solution, the financial losses are highlighted in just a few minutes, leaving you to focus on other important tasks.

Our software is dedicated to:

companies in various fields of activity issuing at least 30,000 invoices per year;

companies still using traditional software in their accounting department (around 60% of our clients use such software);

companies seeking to improve their control mechanisms (our solution is 30% more accurate than other programs);

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Here is how you can use our over-payment recovery software to avoid duplicate transactions:

1. Access our web platform and create an account, followed by the introduction of information about your company;

2. Create your company’s profile by selecting the criteria and parameters you want to be verified;

3. Introduce the invoices you want to be checked and let our software process it (this does not take more than a few minutes);

4. Review the report our software issues and start correcting the errors detected.

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Ongoing analysis

Preventive errors identification

Receive Key insights

Root causes identification

Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports

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Accounts payable is one of the most important departments in the accounting of a company. This department handles all the incoming invoices, however, when the number of invoices is high, it is possible for the personnel here to encounter various problems, among which errors which lead to double payments or unprocessed invoices are the most common.

For some time now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be successfully used in accounting by easing accounts payable departments’ jobs. PAIDAnalytix has such a solution that can be used by medium and large-sized companies in need of automated software which helps them correct and prevent accounts payable errors.

Below, we invite you to read about the advantages of using AI in the accounts payable department and benefit from modern overpayment recovery software. You can also rely on us for accounts payable audit services.


Data entry controls by checking the invoices entered into our software and comparing them against each other in order to ensure no duplicate payment have been made;

Lower processing time and a reduction of the operational effort by 50% on the employees in the accounting department;

Lower leakage risk by preventing financial losses of millions of euros per year;

An automated accounts payable control which can verify up to 1.5 million transactions in a short period of time;

High accuracy – a 30% higher accuracy rate compared to other software that does not rely on Artificial Intelligence.


PaidAnalytix is a software that helps companies with high financial volumes better control their payments processes. We used a unique AI-powered algorithm in order to reduce the errors regarding payments.

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