The Benefits of Using an Overpayment Protection Software

The Benefits of Using an Overpayment Protection Software image October 10, 2019

PaidAnalytix is an overpayment protection software that helps business owners reduce the amounts of money lost during the processing of invoices.

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How to Avoid Duplicate Payments

How to Avoid Duplicate Payments image October 10, 2019

There are ways of avoiding duplicate payment errors, among which our overpayment recovery software which can be used as an avoidance tool in the beginning and as a prevention solution in the future for those problems.

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Recovery Audit Services

Recovery Audit Services image October 10, 2019

Seeking to lower our clients’ rates of erroneous payments, we offer complete recovery audit services that combine the use of a payment recovery software with audits that can improve a business’ overall financial standing.

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Overpayment Recovery

Overpayment Recovery image October 10, 2019

Using our overpayment protection software implies removing any human or process-driven errors when introducing invoices in a company’s accounting system with the help of Artificial intelligence.

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Accounts Payable Audit

Accounts Payable Audit image October 10, 2019

Most of the payment errors will appear during an audit of the accounts payable, which now can be completed with the help of our AI solution.

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